Behavior Change Needed To Tackle Global Sustainability Crisis

March 26, 2014 by GreenCharlie

The question has been asked several times whether or not technology alone can solve our current global sustainability crisis.  This problem that we face will not be solved just by technology but also a change in our behavior.  However, the thing is that technology today influences so much of what we do.

In recent years technology has made a major impact on the way many of us live and work.  Prior to the technology era, the industrial era provided a wealth of opportunity for our ancestors.  In fact, back then approximately 40 percent of Americans held jobs within the agricultural sector.  However, today, those jobs that were readily available then are now being replaced by machines.  Therefore, the need for manual labor has decreased drastically as a result of technology.  Today, the number of Americans that work in agriculture is approximately 1 percent.

In order for us to solve the global sustainability crisis, we will have to reform the actions that threaten to ruin our environment.  We also need to modify the way that we use technology in our daily lives. Some of the changes we could adapt include: – trading our smartphones instead of disposing them – separating garbage to facilitate recycling

Our current lifestyles are based on abundant, cheap and reliable energy.  Many of us would go berserk without it.  What the pioneers of technology need to do is find another option to energy sources such as fossil fuels.  When this alternative is found, we all have a part to play in adapting to that new technology quickly.

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