Benefits of Adapting to a Green Lifestyle

August 6, 2014 by GreenCharlie

Contrary to popular belief, living “green” is not about living mean. Going “green” is not only good for the environment, but it is also have a positive impact on your personal lifestyle. Here are some “green practices” that are quite beneficial.

Use Green Cleaning Supplies

Using cleaning supplies that are green can reduce both indoor and outdoor pollution. These cleaners can also reduce allergies and asthma triggers. Green cleaning products usually consist of plant based ingredients.

Eco-friendly Transportation

You can play your part in the reduction of carbon emissions by walking and biking to your destination. In fact, studies have shown that these activities can help you live longer.

Remove Your Shoes

Shoes are among the common methods chemicals and pesticides enter the home. Remove your shoes immediately when you enter a home to reduce the possibility of this happening.

Fruits and Vegetables

Opt for a plant based diet instead of meat and dairy products. Not only are they less expensive but they can improve your health significantly.

Living green isn’t necessarily living mean. In fact, you will enjoy a more abundant lifestyle by implementing these practices.

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