Mountain Top Mining in Tennessee

December 11, 2013 by GreenCharlie

MoutainsMountain top mining in Tennessee is facing fierce opposition from conservative unions. The Green Tea Coalition has been faced with the demands for more solar power to be implemented into the state’s market.

Tennessee has began to take mountain top mining very seriously and strictly, enforcing rules and regulations without much leniency as they had in the past. The Tennessee Conservation Union is now home to around 15,000 members, focusing on the problems that mining brings, including issues of property rights, hunting and fishing. After China took over a mineral rights in Tennessee, the group became very adamant on enforcing these regulations and created informative ads that displayed the problems of mountain top mining.

They are trying to get more support through advertisements and marketing, and with 15,000 members, the Union is growing very quickly. Mountain top mining has plenty of opportunities in Tennessee, but this group is very adamant on protecting the environment and property rights.

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