Tips For an Eco-friendly Bedroom

September 12, 2014 by GreenCharlie

Want to sleep and breathe better? If so, then you should consider making your bedroom eco-friendly. Both your mind and body will benefit significantly when you implement eco-friendly practices and products in your sleeping den. Here are some ways you can transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven.

Use Non Toxic Paint

Many paints are filled witn toxic substances that can affect your respiratory system and trigger allergies. Opt instead for plant based and natural paints. These are less harmful to you and the environment.

Choose Organic Cotton Pajamas and Bedding

Conventional bedding may be flamboyant and luxurious but using these items increases your exposure to toxins and carcinogens. These chemicals often absorb into the blood stream. Making the switch to organic cotton bedding and pajamas can reduce the risk of this happening.

Get a House Plant

Placing a house plant in your bedroom can make you feel closer to nature, especially if you are living in the city. In fact, house plants have the capacity to improve the quality of air as well as the levels of oxygen in your bedroom.

Avoid Leather Products

Leather furniture may last you many years but these products undergo chemical processes to make them suitable for daily use. Avoid these products and opt for more vegan-friendly alternatives.

Choose Wooden Floors Instead

Carpets are treated with petroleum based products which means that you are absorbing these chemicals in your system, especially if you walk barefooted. Instead of traditional carpets, opt for wooden floors and organic area rugs. These are less harmful.

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