Tips for an Eco-Friendly Laundry Room

July 2, 2014 by GreenCharlie

If you want to have an eco-friendly home, your laundry room is one of the best places to start. Here are some ways you can make an impact on the planet by improving your laundry practices.

Washing Machine

If you are due for a new washing machine, opt for one that has an energy star seal on it. These washing machines use 50 percent less energy and water. In addition, you can save a bulk of energy by only operating your washing machine with a full loads.


Choose a dryer with a moisture sensor as these conserve energy by shutting off as soon as your clothes is dry. Cleaning the vent regularly will also increase efficiency.

Drying Line

You may get a kick from taking warm clothes out of the dryer but you can lower your Texas prepaid electricity bill by putting your drying your clothes on a line outside. Not only will you save on energy but your laundry will smell wonderful.

Natural Laundry Products

Select Laundry products that are bio-degradable instead of those that are petroleum based. You can also used re-usable cotton balls to replace chemical-laden dryer sheets. Using this reduces drying time and also static electricity.

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